The Concept

The machines allow the sale of mobile top-ups and the payment of bills without the involvement of shop staff.

The Advantages >>

The Advantages

  • Limiting queuing time compared to counter service
  • Assisted selling
  • Providing hassle free bill payment services
  • Providing promotions for example upselling
  • Expanding the shop offerings with other e-products
Customisability >>

Fully customizable

SSTs are available in different casings, with or without a second screen for promotional videos. We can manage everything from the client-customized casing artwork to the touch-screen visual interface and playlists for narrowcasting of videos to the secondary screen.

The graphic user interface may be updated quickly, while the interface automatically offers the available products.

The Hardware & Software >>

Hardware & Software

We will manage integration of all the hardware, including note readers, coin acceptors, bar code reader, card payment terminals, and printer. All machines run H@ND's proprietary SST management software.

Provisioning >>


Provision of services on SSTs is completely flexible.

  • We can manage top-up code stock
  • We can issue codes from the client's own electronic stock systems via a dedicated interface
  • We can offer codeless, variable amount, direct top-up
  • Or simply provide the machines and management software on a rental or license basis.
Show cases >>

New Additions

Outdoor new!

A new addition to the product range are outdoor SSTs offering top-up sales 24/7 and the same sort of competitive advantage that some banks achieved by being early and aggressive adopters of cash distribution machines.

Physical vending new!

We also developed a solution which integrates physical vending with the electronic products. This will provide a complete shop within a shop with instant sales data being sent back to the operator. The customer is able to purchase: Top-up, Pay their invoices, Purchase 3G dongles or a new handset.